QEP Environmental provides both long term and short term Environmental Monitoring services for ongoing construction and development across British Columbia.

Construction monitoring by a QEP is often required by regional districts when construction occurs in a sensitive area, in order to verify that specific precautions are taken during potentially harmful phases of construction. QEP Environmental offers non-impeding monitoring of construction sites. We also offer periodic post-construction assessments of site after a structure is built.

What is Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental Monitoring involves a QEP visiting an active construction site to ensure that previously established mitigation measures are properly implemented during development activity.

When is Environmental Monitoring required?

When construction in an environmentally sensitive area is approved, Environmental Monitoring is sometimes prescribed by the development permit issuing regulators. An Environmental Monitor (EM) may be required to be present during the entirety of some phases of construction, or only be required to make a few visits, depending on the project.

The presence of an Environmental Monitor during all or some phases of development is regularly required as part of development permit conditions. Our staff has conducted Environmental Monitoring, Construction Monitoring and Post Construction Inspection reporting for dam constructions and other large scale, industrial works, as well as for small, residential developments.

Questions about Environmental Monitoring?

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