What is an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)?

An Environmental Management Plan is a guiding document outlining the environmental protections and measures that must be in place during construction. The EMP serves as a primary document comprising much of a project's environmental management.

  1. Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
    An EMP is prepared during the initial stages of construction planning. This document outlines all environmental sensitivities in a location of interest and prescribes the mitigation measures necessary to avoid impacts. The EMP outlines all measures necessary for the project, commonly including Environmental Monitoring, Erosion and Sediment Control, Water Quality Monitoring, Wildlife Management and Vegetation Management. The EMP may also outline periods of sensitivities during which work should not occur due to a high risk of impact.
  2. Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
    A CEMP is similar to an EMP. It is prepared closer to to the start of construction, after a project's design details have mostly been finalized. Often, a CEMP is based on an initial EMP, if one had been prepared, and includes more detailed environmental protection measures due to the specifications of planned construction being more developed.
  3. Environmental Protection Plan (EPP)
    An EPP is a document specifically outlining a contractor's plan to adhere to environmental protection requirements, including the requirements outlined in a CEMP or EMP.  The EPP is prepared immediately prior to the start of construction and generally applies to a single type of construction activity. A project may have several EPPs in place, all of which are meant to be followed in conjunction with the project EPP and/or CEMP.

When is an Environmental Management Plan required?

An EMP is often required as part of permit applications. A regulatory agency responsible for issuing a permit may want to review a planned project in a potentially sensitive location and verify that all appropriate mitigation measures are in place. During construction, an Environmental Monitor (EM) oversees construction activities and ensures work is carried out in accordance with the EMP.

Questions about Environmental Management Plans?

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