QEP Environmental offers full, in depth Riparian Area Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments. Riparian areas are zones which surround streams, lakes, and wetlands, where the water meets land. Is there a stream, lake waterfront, wetland, ditch or ravine on or nearby your property? If so, and if you plan residential, commercial, or industrial activity in the vicinity, the BC Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (Formerly Riparian Areas Regulation - RAR) may apply to you.

What is a RAPR Assessment/RAR Assessment?

An assessment of a site and its riparian habitat performed by a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP). RAPR Assessments are most commonly prescribed by government regulators for people looking to create development or make alterations on a site that is adjacent to a body of water. RAPR assessments may apply for large bodies of water like rivers and lakes, as well as smaller ones like streams and ditches.

When is a RAR/RAPR Assessment required?

Should you consider development activities in riparian areas, a Qualified Environmental Professional may be required to carry out an assessment of your development site, in order to determine the physical constraints that your development might have. Work on a RAPR assessment typically involves effectively establishing mitigation points, compiling a RAPR report, and negotiating with governmental regulators.

How is a RAPR Assessment Conducted?

Under the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation, land within 30 m of a watercourse's High Water Mark (HWM) is considered to be the Riparian Assessment Area (RAA) and to have the potential to provide ecological function to the watercourse. During a RAPR Assessment, a Qualified Environmental Professional determines the Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area (SPEA) within the RAA, the extent of which varies between locations. The SPEA is the area within the RAA which contributes to the stream's ecosystem, and therefore defines permitted construction setbacks.

Questions about RAPR Assessments?

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