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Wind, Wave & Sediment Study

Wind, Wave & Sediment Study

QEP Environmental staff offers comprehensive study of wind, wave and sediment transport processes in marine and fresh water environments. This type of study is sometimes necessary for predicting future erosion and sediment movement effects from a structure built on a shoreline or below water.

Larger marina constructions may require a Wind, Wave & Sediment Study, as potential effects to the distribution of sediments and erosion processes are possible. Our staff has developed a unique, low cost approach to predicting and projecting Geo-morphological effects of structures onto their surrounding habitats, and has satisfied the standards and expectations of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Our firm has conducted Wind, Wave and Sediment studies on a number of large marina and shoreline developments.

Wind, Wave and Sediment Study. QEP Environmental. Victoria, Kelowna, Vancouver