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Environmental Site Assessment - ESA Phase 1 & 2

Environmental Site Assessment - ESA Phase 1 & 2

QEP Environmental is experienced in Environmental Site Assessments, ESA Phase I & II, and have completed many such projects in British Columbia. A multitude of ESA Assessments have been carried out by QEP Environmental personnel for commercial and retail facilities, as well as large scale, industrial developments.

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) include reviews of past and current site activities that could have potentially had contamination effects on present groundwater, soil or other aspects of a site. A first phase assessment - ESA Phase 1 -  includes visual observation of the site and a comprehensive city/district database search to identify potential historic contamination. During such an assessment, interviews with relevant staff and personnel are conducted, in accordance with the general requirements of CSA Standard Z768-01.

 A second phase assessment, ESA Phase 2, includes a the inspection of a site, as well as collection of samples (materials, soil, groundwater, spill areas). The samples collected during this assessment are analyzed at certified laboratory facilities. An ESA Phase 2 includes further data analysis and recommendations for site remediation.


ESA Phase I and ESA Phase II. Okanagan, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. QEP Environmental